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basis.point joined up giving

BNP Paribas will provide a grant to basis.point over a two year period 2016 – 2018.

basis.point is an Irish Fund Industry’s initiative making a difference to those in need.

They make a real contribution to improving educational opportunities for those in need in Ireland. They do this by providing grants to charities to fund programmes and initiatives that focus on education and which aim to make a sustainable and tangible difference to those living in poverty.

BNP Paribas grant will help to facilitate the Suas Numeracy Programme which will be delivered to children aged between 8 and 14 in disadvantaged schools and communities in Dublin. Children from these schools are most at risk of falling behind their peers and struggling within the Irish education system.

Suas is an Irish registered educational charity.


Suas received regular inquiries from partner schools regarding the provision of a numeracy programme similar to their Literacy Support Programme, with a view to improving mathematics skills in school children who are struggling with numeracy.

Pilot Programme Key Target Outcomes

  • Numeracy support for approximately 192 children from urban DEIS schools.
  • Train approximately 200 mentors to deliver the Programme.
  • Pilot a tool to measure confidence and self-esteem of schoolchildren participating.
  • Determine the impact of the Programme through collation and analysis of results.
  • Design a full Numeracy Programme that can be rolled out nationwide in September 2017.